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Apple iPhones and the infamous notch. Why I am not "able to" buy a new iPhone

I have always preferred iPhones over Android smartphones. Although there are a lot of things to be discussed about the merits and de-merits of each platforms, I wanted to highlight something about the iPhones which are holding me back from buying a new iPhone, and trying to keep the current iPhone 7 even after 5 years and a battery and screen replacement

I have known many people who are perfectly fine with a 5 or even 7 years old mobile phone as their primary device. They are the people who do not need a phone to take extraordinary pictures, or to be able to play the latest mobile games etc.
They just need a mobile phone that just works. Most of them prefer iPhones over android because of these major differences:

  • More that 5 years of guaranteed software updates
  • A near perfect bloatware-free and tracking-free experience
  • Overall build quality

I am not one of them. I want my mobile phone to have the latest and greatest camera and screen at least. This makes it difficult for me to use a mobile phone for more than 2-3 years. And since I use iPhones mostly, I wanted to upgrade to the latest iPhone at least every 3 years.

But this is not the case with me. While the price of iPhones in India is comically high, the actual reason I am not upgrading to a newer iPhone is the Notch.

The primary reason I am not upgrading from my iPhone 7 is that hideous Notch

It is not just the notch. It is the combination of the notch and the sky high prices these phones demand.
See, if I am spending almost 120,000 Rs on a mobile phone, I do not want to look at the notch, which takes up almost an entire top row of the screen, and because of which my phone cannot display more than a couple of status bar icons.
It is not like Apple cannot or do not know how to work around this problem. The iPads have the fingerprint sensor embedded within the power button already. Why don't they bring the same "technology" to the iPhones?

There are many reviews of the iPhone, right from the iPhone X, which started this trend of putting a big black bar within the screen, which say that once you are used to the notch, you will not notice it.
This argument would have been OK if the price of these phones are much lower. But in a market where Android phones are available with high refresh rate, AMOLED displays with a punch hole camera and in-display fingerprint sensor, I think it does not make any sense to buy a 100,000 Rs Phone with a notch.

There is a rumour going around that the 2022 iPhone 14 Pro models will not have a notch. Just imagine if Apple released a new iPhone model which does not have this notch. Everyone will praise apple for their amazing design, and the current and previous generations of iPhones will suddenly become "too ugly" with that notch.

Once a new iPhone model is released without a notch, the current and previous generations of iPhones will suddenly become "too ugly"

I have been waiting for the past 3+ years for Apple to release an iPhone without a notch (except those SE models which look exactly like iPhone 7 and has a sub-par camera and screen). This lack of choice, according to me is the biggest problem with Apple's ecosystem.
Once you have invested into the Apple ecosystem, you will not have any choice if they built a phone (or computer, or watch, or anything) which has something you absolutely hate, other than just to go with it, and live with that compromise, even after paying that "Apple tax".

This lack of choice, according to me is the biggest problem with Apple's ecosystem

As MKBHD pointed out in his recent video, Apple could have done an under-screen IR face-ID sensor a long time back. But they chose to continue with the notch because they can. There is obviously no competition for iPhone within the iOS ecosystem

Thanks for reading through this rant. Hopefully 2022 will be the year Apple will be done with notches and we will start seeing those perfectly symmetric iPhones, like my ageing iPhone 7 jet black.

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